Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my rental fee benefits Van Go’s programming?
100% of all proceeds go directly into Van Go’s operational budget.  Your rental fee is directly benefiting the youth served by our organization.

Are candles permitted?
Yes, fire regulations do not prohibit the use of live flame candles, but they need to be enclosed to prevent wax drips on tables.

Will my deposit be refunded?
Yes, the deposit will be returned to you upon satisfactory inspection of the building.

What additional items can I rent?
All items are included in your rental fee. Van Go has a small number of rectangle tables and black chairs available, if needed.

Do you have a recommended list of caterers?
You can hire any caterer of your choosing.  

Is alcohol permitted at events?
Yes, alcohol is permitted, but permission must be granted by Van Go.  A form is included with the rental contract.

What is the capacity of the facility?
Capacity depends upon the layout of your event.  In general we estimate the Gallery to accommodates approximately 170 for a standing reception and 120 for a seated dinner.  We estimate the Workspace to accommodate approximately 270 for standing reception and 200 for a seated dinner.  The Meeting Room seats 25.

Can I hang decorations?
Yes, as long as you do not damage the walls.  Lightweight items can be hung from lighting scaffolds at your own liability.  User is responsible for any damage.

What parking is available?
There is parking available in Van Go’s lot, along the street and in lots marked “public” near the depot.

What Lighting/Sound systems are available?
Van Go does not have special lighting or sound systems.  You will have to negotiate these items through your DJ or rental center.  We do have a cordless microphone and small amplifier available.